Install A New Winch

I had a Barlow Australia 16 winch on my O’Day 34. I was using it in a race when it completely slid up and fell off, fortunately not hurting anyone. After looking for parts to replace and repair it I realized it was discontinued for safety. I found a Lewmar 16 winch on Ebay and had it in no time. Naively I thought the drilled holes from the Barlow 16 would perfectly align, of course, they didn’t. I then began the process of installing the new winch. First I epoxied the 5 old holes and drilled the 5 new ones. I used J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy to seal the old holes and then sanded it down. The new winch will go directly on top of them so the aesthetics weren’t top priority.

I got a piece of ironwood for the new backing plate for inside the cabin. I used a band saw to slowly cut it into a circle and rounded it off with sand paper. I then used forstner bits to drilled holes so I could countersink the nuts. Then, after remeasuring, I drilled the holes for the bolts.

Next I sanded down the inside, applied some sealant on the bottom of the winch and put the bolts through. I used a socket wrench and tightened the nuts. Perfect alignment!

All set to sail!

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