About me

My adventures in liveaboard life began in June of 2015 while residing in sunny South Florida. After years of saving every coin found in the couch cushions, I began the search for my wayfaring home. Just as I was deep in the quest and finding myself a bit overwhelmed by the hunt, a good friend put me in touch with her father, who just so happened to be looking to sell one of his boats. Not long after checking her out, I found myself the proud owner of an S/V O’Day 34’ circa 1984 named Evelyn B.

The dream to own and live on a sailboat stems back to childhood. As one of three kids with a father in the army, we lived all over the globe and traveled often. Growing up an army kid spurred my wanderlust, which eventually led me to the logic of living on the sea where I could take my home with me wherever I rambled. That, and of course pirates. Who doesn’t want to dabble in a life of piracy?

In addition to being a buccaneer and travel enthusiast, I’m an artist as well as graphic designer and web developer. I moved to The Sunshine State over 5 years ago for art school and it’s been the perfect place to build my life on the water. Check out more of my work sometime: https://dribbble.com/tylerlukey

Thanks for visiting! Questions or just want to get in touch? I’d love to hear from you!

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